Delivering Linear

Manned Aircraft, Group 3 UAVs,
sUAS and boots on the ground.



We have flexibility across aerial platforms including modified Manned Aircraft (Low and Slow) and Unmanned Aerial Systems as a hybrid data collection system that utilizes both flight approaches.



SMG has mobile crews and sensors to keep data collection in cadence with processing. FAA Waivers allow our crews to operate as common as bucket trucks.



Ground crews are our boots on the ground. They are crucial in building the GIS backbone of the digital twins our collections provide.  All crews are cross trained and not only collect the data, but assess while in the field and report immediately to decision makers.


About SMG

UHR-LA (Ultra High Resolutions - Low Altitudes)

Powerline Line, Pipeline, Rail and Coastline. Linear Infrastructure.

We are a team of FAA Commercial pilots. In 2015 we added unmanned platforms to how we collect data.  We now have a full offering to collect linear infrastructure data with ultra high resolutions.  The data is impressive.

Newest Riegl LiDAR, PhaseOne 150mp RGB + 4Band, FLIR... all in one flight, at low acquisition cost.



Ready to get started?

SMG is flexible across all platforms (manned to unmanned) with
capital expenditures in the newest technology
of sensors and bridging the gap between traditional and high
altitude data collection and the limited abilities of UAVs imposed
by the FAA. Delivering high-resolution data at a low altitude for
unprecedented ground sample density.